It’s back to school season and while many of us are preparing our children for school, most of us would never think of enrolling ourselves back into classes. 


But what if going back to “school” was a way to make your own dreams come true? To manifest the success you’ve envisioned for yourself? What if the short-term investment of training and education resulted in a lifetime of benefits? What if we told you, we can help you live a life of flexibility, freedom, happiness, and success through building your own life coaching business? And with our online certified coaching program, you wouldn’t have to put your life on pause to do it.


The Inner Glow Circle (IGC) Certified Coaching Program provides the necessary curriculum for women of all walks of life looking to become a life coach online. We teach you about what coaching is as a profession — and prepare you to enter this growing industry. We set you up for success so you can finally live your dream of being your own boss, fulfill your calling to help others, and achieve more than ever in your business. 


Our program is designed for women just starting out but established coaches are also invited to enroll! Many of our students who are already coaches know an ICF Coaching Certification will increase their wealth and reputation within the coaching industry. Some simply need some additional training to help reach their sales goals and create the client load they want. Others desire access to the IGC network of certified coaches. From single women to corporate queens and stay-at-home moms, we welcome everyone!


In addition to the traditional Certified Coach education, we are proud to say IGC takes educating its coaches one step further.


Our accredited, online coaching certification course stands out among aspiring and seasoned coaches because we include critical business, entrepreneurial, and life skills as part of your training… then, we plug you into our powerhouse network filled with other like-minded, goal-digging female entrepreneurs that you can collaborate and connect with for the rest of your life! Talk about a true sisterhood.


We’ve found many of our students have decided to become a Certified Life Coach because they know they have a bigger purpose in life AND they are ready to share it with the rest of the world! However, being a life coach also means you are in business; which means while you may feel like you’re ready to conquer the world, that doesn’t mean you have all the tools to do so.


Once again, IGC is here to support you! We provide you with the blueprint of learning from certified coaches who are also mentors; sharing their stories, experiences, and the lessons they have learned from walking the road before you. They have paved the way for you to take this new road.


Our program was designed to give you the critical business and marketing skills for creating a lasting business. One key element being, boosting your self-confidence as a certified life coach. With our training, you will have the confidence to network yourself in front of potential clients, take the leap from corporate to becoming an entrepreneur, and tackle any fears or doubts you may have, all with the support of an outstanding group of women in the exact same position as you.


If you are…

  • ready to take the reins on your career
  • a leader helping others to achieve greatness
  • looking for the guidance and support of starting your own business
  • already a coach seeking your official coaching certification OR 
  • struggling to achieve your desired results (closing deals, selling out packages, attracting clients, etc.)


IGC’s Coach Training Certification Course is perfect for you.


So get back to school and catapult your career as a certified life coach with Inner Glow Circle. Our online Fall program starts soon! Learn more about our program, the conveniences of online learning and the IGC difference, including the benefits of becoming a certified life coach!