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A woman with a voice is, by definition, a strong woman.” — Melinda Gates

Your Guide to Glowing this Week

OMG OMG OMG. We have a major announcement…


Guess what SOLD OUT in April and is about to be available again?! In just ten days, on August 1, enrollment opens for our last Coach Training course of 2019! It’s the last chance to do this training with us this year (and at this price) and we are so eff-ing excited. Want to get in early and save BIG on training? Just make your $500 deposit before July ends and your spot is held! This is the #1 training for women coaches and entrepreneurs… what the hell are you waiting for?!


How many times have you Googled “what should I do with my life?” We finally got you an answer!! This week, IGC Founder Katie DePaola made you a mini training video with the EXACT steps to figure out what to do with your life (in less than 3 minutes)! Pay close attention, because she’ll also give you exclusive access to our NEW assessment (basically, a personality test for your purpose)! We spent a year researching and preparing this bad boy and can’t wait for you to get your results!

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We spent the week researching healthy sweetener alternatives so you don’t have to! And there’s a new superstar in town: monk fruit! It’s a plant-based, low calorie option that even has antioxidant properties! Plus, it’s less bitter than stevia. No, this is not a #ad for monk fruit. We just know when launching your business and changing the world, you’ll need a strong cup of coffee (or an iced matcha latte in this weather) that doesn’t spike your blood sugar or taste like sh*t! Seriously, try monk fruit to sweeten things up this week.


Reach for the stars. No, but really, what’s your reach?! Your Instagram reach! It’s easy to get caught up tracking followers and likes (because they’re displayed right on your profile!), but your reach might be even more important! If you want to keep growing, your account HAS to reach new people every day. When tracking your stats (which we recommend doing once a week), be sure to check your reach. You can find this metric under “Insights” in your instagram account.


That’s a wrap on Cancer season, which was all about stepping up, speaking out and owning your role as leader. Now, we’ve got Leo’s fiery energy entering the cosmos and it’s time to reignite that creative fire. Rawr. Bring your vision, your dreams and alllllll your questions to our online community! It’s the coolest group on the internet with more than 2,500 badass, brilliant business babes (just like you) and the perfect place to share what you’re up to.


Ever talked to an ideal client who just won’t put their money where their goals are?! We both know transformation only happens when there’s a REAL commitment. Like “oh shit, I just invested more than I’ve ever invested in myself, I’m going to make this happen!” To help your ideal clients breakthrough their resistance, have them put down a deposit (think $100, $500, etc) to save their spot while they get the rest of the payment sorted! Then, give them access to a digital course or bonus trainings to help them start moving towards their goals right away! When they make the rest of their payment, it’ll be a less overwhelming amount, AND they’ll already be making headway and getting results from the resources you gave them! Can you say win win?!

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