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In IGC, we talk a lot about the importance of getting paid for your work, but the best way to practice and really tune in to see if this is the thing is to start doing it for free.

If you know you want to be a writer, start writing.

If you know you want to help people one on one, go volunteer somewhere, or just start helping people.

You have to start practicing the thing that you want to do.

How To Make Money Doing What You Love Free Training

Not only will it get you good reviews and give you great practice, but it’ll help you decide if this is really the thing that you’re so lit up by that pursuing a business in it is the only way for you.

If you’re a little bit clearer on what your purpose is, you may already know you want to be a life coach, a business consultant or start your own firm.

Then, do what we call pro bono work.

Take on some pro bono clients. It’s actually how most people gain the level of confidence they need in their work to be able to start going out, charging the rates they’re meant to be charging and doing their work in a much bigger way.

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Where can you find one pro bono client? Who do you need to talk to this week to get in contact with this potential client?

This is Part 3 of Confidence Series. To start at Part 1, click here.