IGC Certified Coach, Certified Advanced Intuitive Reader and Source Energy Healer

Lindsay is an IGC Certified Life Coach, Certified Advanced Intuitive Reader, Source Energy Healer, and has worked closely through apprenticeships with Intuitive Mentors over the past four years. As a former teacher turned corporate ladder climber, Lindsay began feeling the stress and burnout corporate life can bring. She knew she wanted more – a life that let her work her own hours, an income that didn’t have a ceiling, and freedom to serve others by utilizing her unique gifts she had been hiding from the world since childhood. Lindsay works with soulpreneurs around the world to release old programming in the subconscious belief system and create space for more expansive manifestations to come through. She also serves as an intuitive development mentor to spiritually inclined entrepreneurs who are ready to step into their power by owning and using their unique gifts to create their most soul-aligned life. Lindsay truly believes we can create the life we truly desire if we do the work and go within.

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