What’s the difference between coaching and therapy? Coaching and therapy are similar but different. And, here’s how….!

Although both modalities of support can help individuals remove blocks and create what they desire in their lives, they are very different! People often ask “Do I need a coach? A therapist? Both?”. And, many new coaches wonder what distinguishes a therapeutic request versus a coaching request. An ethical and trained coach recognizes when a client may need therapy as opposed to or in addition to coaching.

Let’s take a closer look…

Coaching is a partnership designed to guide the client to discover, clarify and achieve their goals in business and life. The process works to break up old stories and limiting beliefs that have previously held the client back. Together, the coach and client walk through thought-provoking tools and powerful questioning to activate the process of self-discovery and keep the client on track with their goals and progress. Coaches see clients as a whole and relate to them as experts on their own lives. With this in mind, the coach and client establish goals and create structures around commitments and accountability.

Therapy focuses on identifying and offering treatment plans, typically based on a patient’s medical conditions, dysfunctions, past issues and traumas with the ultimate goal of healing and growth. In therapy, there is often a diagnosis and a plan to heal that is outlined by the therapist and implemented by the patient.

In contrast to coaching, a therapist requires a license or advanced degree and focuses on healing the patient. On the other hand, a credentialed coach meets the client where they are and guides them to create the future they desire.

When to seek a coach:

  • You want to get out of your own way
  • Lacking the accountability to reach your goals
  • Feeling stuck and unsure, but motivated to create change in your life, business, relationships, career, health, etc.
  • Need a partnership to stay on track

When to seek a therapist:

  • You are experiencing mental or emotional trouble that is stopping you from feeling content
  • A past trauma or life experience is inhibiting you from being able to fully express yourself or grow as a person, partner, parent, professional
  • You worry that you may be depressed, anxious or have another psychological condition that requires medical support
  • Looking to talk through your feelings, emotions and problems (you want to be offered advice and next steps)

Many amazing therapists are also trained in coaching skills and can help both heal the past AND create the future you desire.

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