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The only all-women, all-online accredited life coach training

Our 6-month coach training program is a live course that provides high touch training for women-identifying leaders. It’s a personal and professional development program for women who want to enhance their coaching skills, grow their personal brand and develop a profitable business. Coaching is a catalyst for profound change, and the power of coaching is a domino effect, first transforming the coach and then quickly rippling into clients, relationships, families, businesses, communities and beyond. All coaches and entrepreneurs need REAL leadership skills to be catalysts for change.

Real joy. Real connections. Real impact. Real change.

IGC Coach Training offers 62 Approved Coach Specific Training Hours (ACSTH) from the International Coach Federation (ICF), including 10 ICF Mentor Coaching hours. The experience goes beyond a coach training program: it’s a life-changing adventure, where you get the support of an entire community of coaches, mentors, graduates and fellow entrepreneurs as you create your next version of YOU.


There are thousands of life coaching certification programs available online and in-person. There are courses, books and workshops being marketed to you on a daily basis. It can feel confusing and overwhelming, especially when many people who call themselves “coaches” aren’t actually trained or certified! That’s why the International Coach Federation (ICF) says the lack of training, certification and credentials is the largest threat to the coaching industry right now! We’re working to change that.

Why do you need to do this work with us? IGC knows REAL training, REAL certification and REAL business. Every successful life coach, leader and entrepreneur must play two roles: the role of coach (where you are a guide, teacher and leader) and the role of business owner (where you are a founder, entrepreneur and CEO). IGC teaches you how to coach artfully and run your business in a way that’s on your terms!

We’ve spent years doing market research and having conversations with entrepreneurs, wantrepreneurs, aspiring and experienced coaches. We wanted to understand why we successfully launched our coaching practices so quickly, while so many of our colleagues that we had trained with gave up after graduation. The majority of life coaches, health coaches and mindset coaches never fully launch their coaching businesses. Accredited coaches who have invested thousands in coach training and certification never bring their dreams to life. Why?

First, students are afraid of failing, unclear on where to start and overwhelmed by the big to-do of building a business. Second, there’s a lack of business strategy. Created by two professional coaches, one an entrepreneur and one an educator, IGC Coach Training addresses both the practical and the energetic elements of building a coaching business.

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IN FULL $11,600

$11,600 single payment
($1000 discount)

12 PAYMENTS OF $1025

$12,300 total payments
($300 discount)


$12,600 total payments
(no discount)

Full price of program: $12,600

Early enrollment pricing will be announced prior to the next admissions period.


Founded in 2015, Inner Glow Circle’s coach training program is a live six-month program designed based on the International Coach Federation (ICF) Core Competencies and Ethics. IGC utilizes two main modalities: experiential learning and being-based coaching. We mix the practical with the spiritual, the strategic with the energetic, the doing with the being.

Experiential learning is learning through doing. By gaining experience, you generate your own learnings, reflect on them and take action based on your findings. Through testing, you learn what works for you and what doesn’t. Along the way, you observe leaders, teachers and industry experts and use their examples as inspiration, always creating your own version.

Being-based coaching asks you to look at who you are being in business and in life, so you can ask your clients to do the same. The mindset and manifestation work that’s become so popular in the self-help industry is actually based in science and serves as the foundation for our training. You can rewire your thought patterns to be able to create the results you desire.

In order to grow into the coach and entrepreneur you’re meant to be, you have to show up powerfully for your clients, your business and your life. Coach training teaches you how to become the most powerful version of yourself so you can create your coaching practice and evolve as a leader!

Included in your coach training is the Inner Glow Circle Mastermind, a LIVE community for you to practice core coaching concepts, collaborate and connect with graduates of our program. There is a separate forum for coach training students where you can connect around your coach training insights.

We are a global education company with students all over the world, from across the United States to England, Italy, Australia, the Netherlands, Cayman Islands, South Africa and beyond. Our coach training program is delivered through Zoom video sessions, as well as our online Members portal. This allows us to connect internationally with students and gives you the opportunity to learn from the comfort of your home, office or even while traveling the world. Whatever you want, it’s time to glow after it!



  • Get a clear understanding of what life and business coaching are (and what they aren’t!)
  • Understand the International Coach Federation Code of Ethics and Core Competencies
  • Identify and coach through various contexts, stories, archetypes and gradients
  • Use powerful questioning, direct communication and active listening to create transformation
  • Recognize clients’ patterns and limiting beliefs and create awareness to reach their goals
  • Design coaching packages and long-lasting agreements to attract your most ideal clients
  • Know how to monitor client progress and create accountability in the coaching relationship
  • Understand the business of coaching, including marketing, branding and sales
  • Create an inspiring marketing plan that attracts your most ideal coaching clients
  • Use the tools and resources provided by IGC to support your clients’ learning and results
  • Get the confidence to start and grow a successful coaching business that totally lights you up

In Inner Glow Circle, you’ll learn how to work for yourself, not by yourself.

As a bonus of coach training, you’ll be invited to join the Inner Glow Circle Mastermind, a community of current students and graduates. In addition to your weekly coach training class, you’ll have access to weekly group coaching calls and 24/7 business and personal development support, all designed to serve your needs as a coach and entrepreneur. When women glow together, they grow together.


“Coach training with IGC made me a better leader, and ultimately led me to create Poppy Row, my size inclusive clothing brand for women. So many women in IGC shared our Kickstarter and have become our clients! Due to coach training, my business feels more aligned than ever. I hadn’t expected such a monumental shift.

In a week, you can hop on a call to connect with your body, work on your marketing and get your money mindset in check. The online community is the most active I’ve ever seen. I am consistently impressed with the life-changing, deep conversations we are having. Coach Training is still one of the best investments I’ve made!

As a personal development devotee from a celebrity styling background, I knew I could go even deeper with my clients. I would invest in this training even for a lot more than I paid!”

Crystal Cave
“I had been working with clients in the nutrition counseling field for over 4 years, but something was missing. My training and education never touched on the coaching and connection piece. I knew there was something missing in my relationships with my clients, and myself.

With IGC’s Coach Training, I found the confidence, commitment, passion and determination to finally start my own online nutrition counseling business (a dream I have been considering for over 3 years)!! Thank you, Inner Glow Circle! You are my rock!

IGC’s programs offer an undeniable bond, structure, learning environment and place to grow in a sacred space with your peers. There are no judgments. No wrong opinions. There is always support where support is needed. Inner Glow Circle was the first time I ever truly decided to invest in myself, and I have never looked back.”

Ali Boone

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Curious about pricing?

IN FULL $11,600

$11,600 single payment
($1000 discount)

12 PAYMENTS OF $1025

$12,300 total payments
($300 discount)


$12,600 total payments
(no discount)

Full price of program: $12,600

Early enrollment pricing will be announced prior to the next admissions period.


Inner Glow Circle is the only program to deliver advanced live coach training, personal development, business strategy, personal branding, online marketing and sales training all in one place. We offer 62 Approved Coach Specific Training Hours (ACSTH) from the International Coach Federation, 10 hours of ICF eligible Mentor Coaching and a 14-day satisfaction guarantee.


We start with 3-months of Fundamental Core Principles of Coaching Training. Each lesson is delivered through your personalized membership portal, a week before the live training and will take approximately 45 minutes to complete!

Note: All classes are currently taught in english.

The ICF and Core Competencies

An in depth look at the ICF’s Code of Ethics and Core Competencies as they relate to the content of the training program and the art of coaching.

Coaching and Key Definitions

An overview of coaching terms and their meanings as well as a comprehensive look at the differentiating factors in coaching, therapy, consulting and spiritual guidance services.

Setting Consultations & Establishing the Relationship

Establish a coaching agreement that clearly articulates the ethical standards of coaching, including confidentiality, trust and rapport.


The importance of a client-generated coaching request and how to run your sessions in alignment with the being-based teachings of ontology, while creating awareness and results with your clients.


A highly important and valuable core competency that includes how to listen actively, clarify, reflect and coach based on both what’s said and what’s not said during the coaching call.


How to ask powerful, direct and forward-moving questions to bring your clients closer to their own truth and transformation.

Direct Communication and HIGH Gradient

Effectively communicate with your client by using language that has the greatest positive impact, while also weaving in varying gradients to create lasting change.


How to develop and maintain a coaching plan based on your client’s goals and desires as well as create opportunities for ongoing learning during coaching and in work/life situations.

Creating Client Accountability

How to manage progress and accountability with your clients by looking at various tools and using powerful questioning to empower your clients to follow through and stay on track.

Identifying Contexts and Stories

A look at the contexts clients bring to the coaching relationship, how to break them up and how they influence thoughts, decisions and actions.

Awareness of Archetypes

How archetypes influence your clients’ belief systems and how their identification can be a powerful tool as we uncover limiting beliefs and negative behavior patterns.

Coaching Through Grief, Loss and Trauma 

How to be fully present as coach and when to set boundaries when clients experience grief, loss and/or trauma.

We then dive in to 3 months of business training to keep you growing as a coach and entrepreneur. Modules cover personal branding, marketing, sales and scaling, will be delivered through your membership portal and will take approximately 45 minutes to complete!

Understanding Who’s Uncoachable

A closer look at the ICF’s Code of Ethics as well as a description of qualities that make potential clients “uncoachable” and a tool for supporting their growth through referrals to other providers.


Focus in on the importance of aligning desires with plans, creating awareness around these goals and mapping out next steps.

Coaching Diverse Populations

How to create awareness around our own implicit biases and beliefs as well as how to take a values-based approach to coaching diverse clients

Manifesting Client Connections

How to connect with the people you’re meant to serve and the importance of establishing trust and intimacy from your first contact

High-Impact Coaching Packages

A deeper look at how to design high impact coaching offers that are based on ICF Standards and Ethics and demonstrate respect for your ideal client’s goals and learning style.

Create a Group Program or Workshop

Understand how to apply the ICF Core Competencies and coaching techniques to a group environment and design a possible group coaching or workshop experience for your clients


A being-based approach to selling from the soul (not selling your soul!) and setting up a coaching agreement that is ethically aligned, built on trust and in service of your client.

Moving Beyond Objections

Deepen into what’s behind a “no” on a coaching call or a sales call and understand how to coach through your client’s’ objections.

Tap Into
Your Intuition

Recognize what your intuition feels like and understand the power of accessing your intuition inside of the coaching relationship

Your Inspired
About Me Page

A series of powerful questions you can use with yourself or your clients to help to distinguish your unique being and motivation for your personal development and your brand creation.

Let Love
Lead the Way

Learn how to organize, follow up and nurture your leads, grow your email list and discover other avenues to find your ideal clients, so you can create the largest possible impact.

Your Beautiful Business Plan

Create an embodied business plan for your growing business, clarify your ultimate vision for yourself and the world and map out clear steps to get there.

this is for you if 

  • You’re itching to quit your boring AF job, start your own business and expand your impact. You just need the right support, accountability and resources to get there.
  • You 1000% know you want to be a life coach. You’ve researched program after program searching for the perfect fit and now, you’re here.
  • You can coach like nobody’s business but can’t sell enough packages, programs or digital products to make this work as a career. You need help scaling to your next level (and quick, to avoid burnout)!
  • You finished another life coach training or health coaching program, but need more business training. Knowing how to coach isn’t enough! You have to be a successful entrepreneur too.
  • You want to help people through your work, but you’re not sure whether to go to grad school (and wait 5 years) or take another path that you can start right now.
  • You’re a natural coach, but you need more training! Whether you’re a sales manager, yoga studio director or consultant, you want to take your ability to motivate others to the next level.

We are your full partner in this process and offer a 14-day satisfaction guarantee.

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Curious about pricing?

IN FULL $11,600

$11,600 single payment
($1000 discount)

12 PAYMENTS OF $1025

$12,300 total payments
($300 discount)


$12,600 total payments
(no discount)

Full price of program: $12,600

Early enrollment pricing will be announced prior to the next admissions period.


Inner Glow Circle is committed to making coach training and entrepreneurship possible for anyone who wishes to change lives and have an impact on the world. And, we know that it takes an investment to be able to do this.

We are now offering financing options through Flexxbuy, IGC’s exclusive finance partner. With the help of IGC’s financial advisor, you can get financing with a wide range of credit scores, interest rates as low as 4.99% and payments as low as $200/month.

To speak with our financial advisor, please fill out this form.

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“I knew that Inner Glow Circle’s coach training would be different from the other training that I’ve participated in the past but holy cow…

I’ve never felt this kind of support not only from my coach trainer but overall, from everyone who I’ve encountered from this group.

I felt so empowered and ready to move forward.”

Safiya Robinson

“I completed another ICF Accredited Coach Training program, many leadership trainings and have 10+ years of experience working with leaders, but it was my time with IGC, going through coach training and working in the Mastermind that actually brought me to the point of being a CEO.

My business is booming. I’m starting to grow my own team. I’m coaching leaders, helping 6-7 figure entrepreneurs scale, supporting new entrepreneurs as they escape corporate, training leaders and executives across the country and designing learning solutions.

I’m providing HR consulting solutions for startups and corporations. And I’m on the faculty at Northeastern and Columbia. I’m multi-passionate and I’m in love with what I’ve created. I couldn’t have done it without IGC.”

Lizbeth Czepiel

“The group of women I found through Inner Glow Circle’s coach training have been some of the most talented, beautiful and supportive ladies around. My views on female relationships have ABSOLUTELY changed. I no longer see us as competitors but as allies in our mutual climbs to the top of the world!!

Before this path began, my belief in authentic connections between women was dismal and very half hearted to say the least. I didn’t believe that there was a way we could offer each other support, without judgment and be authentic with our constructive feedback without sabotaging each other.

Thankfully that’s changed. I’ve been focusing on changing my mindset, my schedule, my life, my path all for better purposes. I’ve worked on moving completely out of ego and being free with where spirit guides me to go. It’s been an eye opening, reality-changing experience with Inner Glow Circle.”

Josephine Muñoz

“I researched several well-known coach training programs, and there was always something missing. When I found Inner Glow Circle, I finally figured out what I was looking for the entire time: a community of like-minded empowered women, driven by heart centered leadership and divine feminine intuition. This was exactly what my soul was yearning for!

Committing to IGC coach training was life changing. It gave me the opportunity to build my leadership skills and launch my own coaching business, but it goes way beyond that. IGC is a safe, sacred container that allowed me to grow and heal through the fears, obstacles and blocks that came up during my training.

It allowed me to dig deeper into my intuitive abilities and weave them into my coaching practice. It’s a place where I finally felt safe being all of me! Thank you IGC for creating this beautiful, sacred space, where women can grow, flourish and be in sisterhood with one another. I feel deeply blessed to be on this journey with you.”

Tania da Costa

Wondering if this program is for you?

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included in the program

  • 24 105-minute weekly, live group training calls where we teach, discuss, learn and practice coaching
  • 24 weekly training modules delivered through your exclusive membership portal
  • 10 ICF-Approved Mentor coaching hours with a PCC level Mentor Coach, for ongoing personalized support
  • 24 hours of practice coaching with a partner coach to refine your coaching technique 
  • Access to IGC’s Coach Training private online community for 24/7 support and endless resources
  • At graduation, IGC Coach Training certification for 62 Approved Coach Specific Training Hours (ACSTH) and 10 Mentor Coaching hours for your ICF ACC Credentials


Due to the nature of this program, immediate availability of the content and access to the IGC Mastermind, we do not offer refunds. If you must withdraw from the training program due to an emergency or unforeseen circumstances within 14 days of the start date, special accommodations may be made if you wish to pursue training at a future date. All trainees must agree to the Terms and Conditions outlined on the registration page here.

We are excited to share that we officially approved for 62 hours of Approved Coach Specific Training Hours (ACSTH) in accordance with the International Coach Federation. Full participation in IGC’s Coach Training awards all students with 62 hours of ACSTH in which they can use to then apply for an ICF Credential.

We cap the groups at 15 to ensure an intimate experience with plenty of individual support. We are more committed to quality than quantity and work to create an aligned group that is truly devoted to this work.
Yes! With coach training, you get a lifetime membership to the IGC Mastermind.
Nope! Our coach training program is for women who want to coach–and don’t necessarily want to limit themselves to any specific niche or title. You see, we believe in the fundamental power of coaching and understand that this skill set is transferable. Therefore, we teach you all of the foundational coaching skills and you work with your trainer to specifically decide how to use these skills in the business you desire. For example, we’ve trained life coaches (of course!), business coaches, health/wellness coaches, executive coaches and career coaches. In addition, we’ve trained stylists, photographers, consultants, teachers, corporate trainers, counselors, therapists, and bloggers–just to name a few! Our in depth-training and generous amount of hours spent 1:1 with your trainer will allow you to specialize or branch out in whatever way you desire.