Women’s Circle Leader Training

THIS training is for you if…

  • You want to create a business so impactful that it markets itself
  • You want to make great money doing work you actually LOVE
  • You want to create an event people can’t wait to attend (and invite their friends to every single month)…
  • You want to spend more time in-person, really getting to know your ideal clients
  • You want to create REAL community and inspire more people than you ever thought possible
  • You want to facilitate BIG breakthroughs and create true transformation for your clients
  • You want to be known for connecting like-minded women and changing their lives forever
  • You ready to take your biz to its next level

We help coaches and entrepreneurs launch in person events to serve more clients and make more money than they ever imagined.

What’s included:

  • 12 90-minute AUDIO classes with Danielle Waldman to finally bring YOUR women’s circle to life

  • 12 TRAINING modules to give you the CONFIDENCE, strategy and specific techniques to grow as a circle leader

  • 12 Activities and exercises for you to use at your own circles each month (yep, a whole year’s worth!)

  • Lifetime access to the IGC CIRCLE, the most engaged community on the internet (priceless!)

  • How to create another stream of income through your circle
  • Step by step directions to sharing and MARKETING your circle (so you sell out every time!)
  • How to use in person events to create a loyal community who want to buy everything you offer


Meet your Circle Leader Trainer, Danielle Waldman

Before I found women’s circles, I felt like I didn’t have any support. I didn’t know what my life purpose was or where to find my people — and I had no idea how to make money doing what I loved.I had dreams and visions of what I could be doing with my life, but I had no idea how to get started!Then I found out about women’s circles. They were a place open to all women, where you could talk about what really mattered. This was like networking, but on a whole new level. A level I could actually relate to. A level that was really me. I knew I had found my calling.

I loved leading circles and was SO curious if I could actually make money from them. Could I just quit my job and start leading circles around the world?! Could this actually become a profitable business? I was searching for answers, both literally and figuratively! One day, my Google searches led me to Katie DePaola and Inner Glow Circle. I became a certified coach and discovered how to monetize my circles in a whole new way.

Now, I want to teach you everything I’ve learned: how to lead circles and use them to grow your business, so you can make money doing what you love too. We’ll also talk about all the ways to lead circles: as networking events, retreats and more.

As a Certified Life Coach and Circle Leader, Danielle specializes in helping people find their voice and discover their authentic path. With a B.S. in Sociology and nearly a decade in the nonprofit world, Danielle is committed to helping others find their purpose, live it and get paid. Danielle believes the world needs more spaces to share real experiences and trusts in the power of circles to do just that.

We see you, glow getter.

You know you have a greater purpose, but aren’t sure where to start or what it looks like. Maybe you went to a women’s circle and dreamt about how amazing it would be to create one of your own!

Maybe you’re ready to speak, teach and reach more people IN PERSON. When your ideal clients meet you face to face, they immediately trust you more. When they trust you, they hire you!

Circles are the perfect opportunity for you AND your clients. Your ideal clients want to be surrounded by like-minded women and get to know you on a deeper level. They want to feel your energy and learn about all the cool ways they can work with you.

By starting this course, you’re taking a BRAVE step towards bringing women together and creating lasting change in their lives. And you’re giving yourself the opportunity to grow your business, your audience and your impact.

The EXACT steps to take your business to its next level, all on your terms.

Networking. On your terms.

From Guest Teacher, IGC Founder Katie DePaola

The VERY first step I took to create Inner Glow Circle was leading my first women’s circle in 2014.

I remember my nervous excitement as I gathered a few friends and clients into my 440 square foot studio apartment. I was inspired to create a space for women to talk about the parts of life no one else was talking about, so I did just that.

Soon I was hosting up to 40 women a month! Attendees invited friends who invited their friends! This domino effect helped me reach more people than ever before (and showed me how to make more money that I had ever imagined possible).

Leading monthly circles was the fuel that launched my entire business.That’s how I met my first coaching clients, filled my first courses and got the confidence to start IGC.

Being a women’s circle leader completely changed the course of my life and made me the business leader I am today.

What our students are saying!

I was hosting circles before IGC, but IGC took them to another level. I’m now leading monthly circles to provide support and awareness around grief and loss. I used one of the monthly exercises I received at my last circle, and it facilitated so many breakthroughs.

I’ve also been able to co-host several virtual circles with other womxn I’ve met in IGC. The community and mentoring in this space have helped me think outside the box. My spiritual and personal growth needed support and community. I was able to find those within IGC, and my intuition sang.

Jennifer Hepton, Coach Training Graduate, Grief Coach and Public Speaker

I had been thinking of doing a women’s circle but had no idea where to start. It sounded so overwhelming, and I wasn’t sure where to get guidance. But I was curious to see how they could help my business.

Then I found Danielle Waldman. Danielle’s training went beyond my expectations. She gave me so much insight into how I could craft a circle that would feel good for me, be easy to lead and attract the like-minded women I wanted to bring together.

Now I feel so prepared and confident in hosting a circle of my own. If you’re curious at all about doing a women’s circle, I highly recommend Danielle! She is so knowledgeable and so generous in sharing what she knows. You’ll walk away with the excitement and confidence to do it on your own!

Melissa Hoffmann, Confidence Coach and Women’s Empowerment Photographer

Danielle’s style is nurturing, accepting and authentic. She holds space for others without any judgment. Danielle has a true gift for connecting with others and encouraging women to step into their power. She is a healer and a truth teller.

I hope Danielle’s mission with women’s circles continues to grow across the world so everyone who identifies as a woman can experience openness, connection and community.

Women need support systems and women’s circles are a huge part of the answer.

Mary Thibault, Yoga Teacher, Reiki Practitioner and Circle Leader

When I found Inner Glow Circle’s women’s circles, I was in a tough place, professionally and personally. Meeting such kind, funny, brilliant, supportive women from all kinds of industries and life stages was incredibly empowering. The courage and kindness exhibited in was indescribably contagious.

I credit my experience with Katie and IGC’s women’s circles for lighting the fire underneath me that enabled me to stop letting fear of failure paralyze me and go after what I realized I wanted.

I took the leap to move to New York and start my own business and have never looked back! It’s hard to describe the magic of this community of women helping each other and sharing, but I’d highly encourage experiencing it yourself. You deserve it.

Jaime Rosenzweig, Entrepreneur and Public Relations Consultant

IGC helped me become confident hosting women’s circles and in-person meet ups! Within the Mastermind and Training, I saw women constantly making moves and that sparked my imagination.

When I decided to host, within a week, over 70 women reached out to me to be a part of my in-person women’s circle. I was floored.

IGC helped me expand my ideas, get actionable feedback, put myself out there and charge what feels good. I’ve sparked my money flow since joining IGC and just signed my first $5K client!

Hayley J McKenzie, Coach Training Graduate, Life Coach and Public Speaker