Are You a Natural Life Coach?

Wondering if you were born to be a life coach? If you're asking yourself that, then you probably were. It's time to explore the option!; "Should I become a life coach?" We get asked that question from women all the time. CEO Katie DePaola says if you find yourself asking that, then it's [...]

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Why You Should Become a Life Coach

What's the hype about life coaches and why should you become a life coach? Becoming a life coach is so fulfilling on so many levels. But why should you become one? Being a life coach isn't just sitting at home and talking on the phone all day. It actually requires a lot of [...]

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what it takes to create the best training program in the world

Over two years ago, I was masterminding with 20 different female coaches who also served as leaders within Inner Glow Circle. We were in the beginning stages of mapping out our coach training program and working collectively to write and design "the best coach training company in the world". We had graduates from SO MANY [...]

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Start Making Money as a Coach!

What you really need in order to make money at ANYTHING is passion and skill. Plus, your business needs to help your customer solve their problem. A coaching business is no different--except right now, it’s actually one of the smartest decisions you can make. It’s a rapidly growing industry that is naturally designed to help [...]

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I Am a Woman of Privilege: What Am I Doing With It?

What is privilege? Well, according to the dictionary... priv·i·lege (noun) is a special right, advantage, or immunity granted or available only to a particular person or group of people. synonyms include: advantage, benefit, freedom, liberty I am certainly a woman of privilege. Even the hard things I’ve experienced (tragic loss of a sibling, neurological Lyme [...]

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Brianne’s Review of Inner Glow Circle’s ICF Accredited Coach Training Program

Sooo back in March, Brianne joined Inner Glow Circle’s ICF Accredited coach training. She didn’t know exactly what she planned to do with her new superpower (and certification), but she trusted she was being guided towards something bigger. TRUST IS EVERYTHING. After last Tuesday’s class, Brianne posted about her experience. I mean...I feel allll the [...]

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Does Having a Life Coach Certification Even Matter?

We get this question A TON from both potential clients and potential new coaches… “Does it matter if a coach is certified?” Whether you are considering hiring a coach or becoming one, this is such an important question to ask. Does certification matter? We take a strong stand that it absolutely makes a difference when [...]

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Why Millennial Women Are So Obsessed with Gabby Bernstein

It was the spring of 2010. My roommate and I bought tickets to an event called, Find Your Balance and were excited to spend the evening jumping on mini trampolines and talking about how to live better lives. Obviously, I was totally down. There was something inside me that KNEW I needed to attend the [...]

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Why I’d Never Invest in Life Coaching

There are sooo many reasons why I’d never invest in life coaching. LIKE, if I was miserable and wanted to keep it that way OR if I wanted to keep complaining over and over again about my life and never change anything. I’d also NEVER invest in life coaching if I didn’t believe it would [...]

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A makeover and a FREE month of IGC?

It’s official: we’re up-leveling and we’re inviting you to join us! IGC’s Goddess Circle Facebook group is getting a makeover and giving away some fabulous freebies to celebrate!  Over the past three years, IGC's open Goddess Circle Facebook group has grown and grown up. What we've realized is that when women tap into their inner [...]

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