All The Information That You Need About Life Coaching Courses

Life coaching courses are a great way to learn more about yourself and your clients. They can help you grow and help others learn how to live their best lives. When choosing a life coach course, many things need to be considered. Life coaching is a popular career or business choice for people who want [...]

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All You Need to Know About a Life Coach?

A life coach works with clients as they work towards a more idealized version of their life. Together, the coach and client can focus on improving areas such as career, self-care, relationships, or anything else that affects the client's day-to-day well-being. What do life coaches do? Many coaches aim to help their clients recognize their [...]

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How to Become a Life Coach -the Ultimate Guide?

Do you dream of helping people reach their potential? Life coaches do just that, and many work as entrepreneurs, assisting people in succeeding in several areas of life. People can fulfill their potential with the support of life coaches who will cheer them up, hold them accountable and change their lives. If you have compassion [...]

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Should You Invest in a Life Coach Certification? YES!

Why Invest in a Life Coaching Certification? Experience The Inner Glow Circle Difference We’re not like regular coaches, we’re cool coaches. Isn’t that right, Regina? So why invest in a life coaching certification with Inner Glow Circle?  Well, we are a Coaching School for women by women. We are on a mission to support our [...]

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things are coming up to be healed

So many energetically sensitive women I've talked to over the past few weeks have been feeling the FEELS. I saw some Inner Glow Circle colleages at a gathering the other week and it was powerful but also left me depleted. My sense? There's a big shift happening right now. In our world. In our bodies. [...]

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your sisters always have your back

Inner Glow Circle is founded on the belief that women benefit from working and living in community. The strength that we cultivate individually as powerful boss babes in the world is just as important as the strength that comes from joining together in connected and collaborative community. I know this, I believe it, I tell [...]

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