can you manifest money

Students ask us all the time, “How can I manifest money?” They want to manifest money to pay for our courses and to invest in their businesses. They also want to buy things they love: healthy foods, a new outfit or even a new home!

I’m sure if you play in the coaching or personal development world you’ve heard the word manifest thrown around quite a bit:

How to manifest your ideal partner

5 ways to manifest a 10k month

What to do to manifest ideal clients now

Manifest the life of your dreams

As catchy as it sounds though, there’s more to manifesting than you may know.

What is manifesting?

Manifest (verb): bringing something tangible into your life through attraction and belief. So is this possible with money? Well, I know last time I wanted money to clearly reveal itself to me, there was more to it than just me saying, “money, reveal yourself!” and definitely more to it than me just thinking about it.

Manifesting as a way to create your own reality is a deep process. It takes both subconscious and conscious efforts. But back to the real question at hand, is it actually possible to manifest money?

The good news is: YES.

The other news (notice, I didn’t say bad) is that you’ve got to tune in and practice embodying the abundance that you desire, regularly. There are tons of ways to practice this, in fact, our video on How to Manifest Anything You Want will help you get started! A few of my favorites, specifically when tuning into manifest money are writing in a gratitude journal, living as if everything you desire already exists and visualization, or a vision board.

The next step in manifestation

The next piece is aligned action. The way I see it is like this, if we are truly embodying abundance, wealth and a cup that runneth over, what do our actions look like from this tuned-in and trusting place? When you are your most abundant self, what would you do? How would you interact, respond or take action to manifest the physical reality of your internal state?

But what if you don’t know what action to take? It’s time to tune back in and get back to your mindset practices, girl! Get into your high-vibe, abundant mindset and trust that you are supported and that the Universe (or your higher power) is co-conspiring with you on the how. Your path will be revealed when you truly tune in.

That voice saying, “call him back,” “take that course,” “follow up with Aunt Mary,” “go for a walk,” “put that offer out there,” “get more visible,” “start that Facebook group,” trust that your intuition is leading you towards the abundance that is already within you. Trust that from this place of embodied wealth and abundance, your how will be revealed. Then, go for it! I guarantee that through this practice you will begin to see opportunities of abundance popping up before your eyes, it’s the Law.



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