Become a Certified Life Coach



From the Founders of IGC Coaching School

You need to know the exact blueprint to go from six figure vision to six+ figure business
You want the formula that 7-figure businesses use to identify gaps, understand focus areas and improve sustainability
You've completed (or are completing!) your skills training and you know you want to get your own clients and have a legit business
You know you have what it takes to go from side-hustling and gig-work to real CEO
Living life on your own terms, working when you want and making as much money as you want lights you TF up
You are certain that your unique gifts and talents will change peoples' lives
You need a plan, guidance and business knowledge to get organized and have clarity on next steps
What's included?
12 page, fully downloadable and editable business plan which covers an overview, products and services, marketing, operations and management
Video training from IGC's CEO Liv Chapman which outlines the 4 key reasons to have a business plan, and walks you step-by-step through what to include
Get your business plan template NOW and receive our Sales Page Starter Kit to help you launch your products and services with ease
Who is Liv Chapman? What is IGC Coaching

School + WHY are you teaching this?

I'm Liv Chapman, the Co-Founder and CEO of IGC Coaching School.

 My business partner Katie and I went from learning a skill to building a million dollar business in less than 5 years. 

Since then, we’ve taught thousands of students how to scale their skills, create profitable service-based businesses and become successful CEOs.

IGC Coaching School (aka Inner Glow Circle) was founded in 2015 as a hub for women interested in self-help, self-care, coaching, marketing, branding and ultimately finding their purpose, living it and getting paid.

Katie DePaola began her entrepreneurial career running an organic spray tan company that skyrocketed to success due to her focus on offering excellent services, having a natural gift for branding and an incomparable ability to market and sell.

Through starting this company and beginning to network with other entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners, Katie found herself in the position of mentor often. She began seeing a pattern: people wanted to find a skill they love and start their own business. They just needed to know how.

Katie became certified as a life and business coach in 2013 to fill this gap. I met Katie through this work and was brought on as Co-Founder in 2016 and took on the role of CEO in 2021.

With my background in education and curriculum design, we were able to scale IGC into a multi-million dollar training company for women entrepreneurs. We offer both live and digital courses to support women entrepreneurs with coaching, personal development, branding, marketing, visibility, business development, sales and MORE. 

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