Graduate Spotlight: Meredith Mira

Location: New Haven, CT IGC Certified Coach Website: Instagram: @choicepointscareercoach Tik Tok: @choicepointscareercoach Facebook Page: Connect with Meredith 1.  What advice [...]

October 2023 Glowscopes

Here are your October 2023 Glowscopes, glow-getters! TIME TO GET SPOOKY!!! 👻 💀🎃 Spooky season has officially commenced! Bring on the fall. As much as I love summer, fall is also a great time of [...]

Graduate Spotlight: Lindsay Leigh

Location: Houston, TX IGC Certified Coach, Spiritual Mentor, & Intuitive Counselor Website: Instagram: @lindsayleighofficial Connect with Lindsay 1. Tell us about [...]

September 2023 Glowscopes

Here are your September 2023 Glowscopes, glow-getters!  Ahh, the sweet summer has come to an end, sadly. I am a summa lover, so I am experiencing that summertime sadness, but the fall is always a [...]

Graduate Spotlight: Christina King

Location: Long Island, NY IGC Certified Coach, Certified Astrologer, Certified NLP Practitioner Website: Instagram: @christinakingcoach Facebook Group: Christina Explains It All Connect with Christina [...]

August 2023 Glowscopes

Here are your August 2023 Glowscopes, glow-getters!  Hope you all have been enjoying your Cruel Summer! Haha. A lot is happening in our universe–the Barbie movie is out for all of us to geek out [...]

Graduate Spotlight: Kaleah Nicole

Location: Los Angeles, CA IGC Certified Coach, Lead Trainer, & Certified NLP Practitioner Website: Instagram: @kaleah_nicole Connect with Kaleah 1.  What [...]

July 2023 Glowscopes

Here are your July 2023 Glowscopes, glow-getters!  Happy Summer!! We are finally at the start of one of my favorite times of the year. Lots of good food, good company, beach days, BBQs, and great [...]

June 2023 Glowscopes

Here are your June 2023 Glowscopes! It’s my birthday month, too! Lots to celebrate! 😉  We’re coming off some pretty wonky energy from Mercury Retrograde, which ended on May 15th, and the shadow period has [...]

Graduate Spotlight: Cindy Richardson

Location: St Louis, IGC Certified Coach  Website: Instagram: @cindyrichardson1411 Nearing the end of my teaching career, I knew I had so much more to give and offer [...]

Graduate Spotlight: Alexis “A. LaShan” Wills

Location: Washington, DC IGC Certified Coach  Website: Instagram: @g.l.o.win_lifestyle Birthed with an innate desire to defy cultural & generational odds, as life progressed, those odds fought back [...]

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