The Number 1 Mistake Life Coaches Make

Want to know what the number one mistake that life coaches make is so that you can avoid it? Read more to find out. The biggest mistake coaches make is that.... THAT DON'T ACTUALLY COACH! [...]

How to ask Powerful Questions

If you're wondering how to ask powerful coaching questions that get results each and every time, keep reading! Or, you could head on over to Youtube to watch our video about Asking Powerful Questions. 1. [...]

Choosing a Coach Training Certification Part 2

Here are 5 more questions to ask when you're choosing a coach training certification program. 1. Are there mentor coaching hours included in the coach training program? When you are choosing a coach training program, [...]

How To Do a Coaching Session

One of the most common questions we always get from new coaches is how to do a coaching session. How do you get a clear coaching request from your client? Or even how do you [...]


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Coaching: Inner Glow Circle’s History and Next Steps

We want to share some of our story on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in coaching and some of our next steps.  Our coaching story We founded Inner Glow Circle in 2015. In 2016, our community [...]

Your March Glowscopes 2020

Your March 2020 horoscopes (aka Glowscopes!) are here, glow getters! This March there is a Full Moon in Virgo, a New Moon in Aries, Mercury Retrograde ENDS (preach) and we enter Aries season on the [...]

February Glowscopes 2020

Your February 2020 Glowscopes are here, glow getters! This February there is a Full Moon in Leo, a New Moon in Pisces, Mercury enters retrograde and we enter Pisces season on the 20th. Read February’s [...]

The Women’s Circle Saved Me

By COO Liv Chapman Last October I left my relationship. On Friday, I was happily playing house with my partner of over five years, two small sons and two dogs. We lived in a big [...]

January Glowscopes 2020

Your January 2020 Glowscopes are here, glow getters! Welcome to 2020! (Can you believe it?!) There is so much fresh energy in the air. Wondering how the cosmos are starting off this new decade? This [...]

Why “Ready” is a Lie

"Ready" is a lie. Here are the top 3 reasons why, written by CEO Katie DePaola. 1. Ready isn’t real. Personally, I don’t know what ready feels like. When I started my business, I just knew [...]

Are Your Friends Too Expensive For You?

Feel like the social life is getting a little too expensive? If trying to keep up with your friends is causing you to consider forgoing your other priorities — like saving to start your dream [...]

December Glowscopes 2019

Your December Glowscopes are here, glow getters! This December there is a Full Moon in Cancer, a New Moon in Capricorn and we enter Capricorn season on the 21st! Read December’s full cosmic forecast below [...]

How to Deal With Criticism

You want to share your truth but you're scared of criticism. When you allow yourself to be seen in your work, you open up the gateway to be seen everywhere. The beauty [...]

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