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Life Coach Training for Women

What is Life Coach Training? A life coach is a type of wellness professional who helps people make progress in their lives in order to attain greater fulfillment. These professionals should attain their certification through a training program that gives them the proper tools to use when working with clients. Some of the proper tools include [...]

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The Difference Between Coaching and Therapy

What's the difference between coaching and therapy? Coaching and therapy are similar but different. And, here's how....! Although both modalities of support can help individuals remove blocks and create what they desire in their lives, they are very different! People often ask “Do I need a coach? A therapist? Both?”. And, many new coaches wonder [...]

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How To Book Coaching Consultations and Get Hired!

Want to know how you can become a fully booked out life coach? Are you ready to consistently have coaching consultations and get hired on the spot? Read more to find out. Head on over to our Youtube channel to watch our video where Katie talks about how you can book coaching consultations and get [...]

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The Number 1 Mistake Life Coaches Make

Want to know what the number one mistake that life coaches make is so that you can avoid it? Read more to find out. The biggest mistake coaches make is that.... THAT DON'T ACTUALLY COACH! That's exactly right, coaches sometimes usually coach, instead they give advice and tell their clients to do what THEY would [...]

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How to Make Money While in Coach Training

If you're wondering how to make money while still in coach training, keep on reading to find out how you can get paying clients! 1. Understand ROI and your income goals ⁣ ⁣ —ROI is your Return on Investment⁣. At Inner Glow Circle, we make sure that all of our students make their Return on [...]

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How to ask Powerful Questions

If you're wondering how to ask powerful coaching questions that get results each and every time, keep reading! Or, you could head on over to Youtube to watch our video about Asking Powerful Questions. 1. Ask MOSTLY open-ended questions ⁣ You can start asking questions that start with What, How, Where⁣. You can also ask [...]

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Choosing a Coach Training Certification Part 2

Here are 5 more questions to ask when you're choosing a coach training certification program. 1. Are there mentor coaching hours included in the coach training program? When you are choosing a coach training program, there are a few things to think about such as: What path does this program follow? If it’s the ACTP [...]

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How to Make Money With Your Coaching Certification

10 ways to make money with your coaching certification! There are so many ways you can make money with a coaching certification—and so many doors it opens!⁣ ⁣Inner Glow Circle’s Coach Training Program is ICF Accredited. All of our Trainers have their Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credential through the ICF. Inner Glow Circle believes in [...]

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