Here are your August 2023 Glowscopes, glow-getters! 

Hope you all have been enjoying your Cruel Summer! Haha. A lot is happening in our universe–the Barbie movie is out for all of us to geek out to and dress up in pink, everyone and their mother in Hollywood is on strike, listening to Taylor Swift’s version of Speak Now and, if you’re located by where I live in NY, we’re out here experiencing a real-life true crime podcast episode week-by-week with the uncovering of details of the sh*t going down at Gilgo Beach. ANYWAY….onto what the asteroids and planets are going to be doing to us this month, I MEAN…what should we expect? 

Summer is coming to a close for some of us, depending on where you live in the US (or if at all). The kids are heading back to school, teachers will resume working at their jobs, and parents everywhere will rejoice over having their days free again (if not working). We over here at IGC are getting ready to welcome our new students into the Fall 2023 cohort of our signature Coach Training program during the week of September 27. THIS IS SO EXCITING!!!

We have a lot of interesting energy going on in the cosmos this month, with not one, but TWO full moons (double the releasing, which means double the tears! JK), a SUPER powerful manifestation portal (more on that below), and a fiery new moon in Leo! August will be a great month for you all who want to manifest, set your intentions, create plans for your desires, and get the ball rolling! 


Read ahead for the full forecast of what to expect this August, then look for your sun sign below to see what you may expect for your sign this month. This is your go-to guide for ALL things happening in the cosmos this month!!


Leo Season Happening Now

The sun in Leo has been in our atmosphere since July 22. You may feel the fire and drive to do more than usual. Feeling more social? Go for it. Whether that’s going out dancing, eating ice cream on the beach, going to a fun concert, or a ball game, get your booty out there and socialize! No more crabbiness or sitting with our feels. It’s time to enjoy the rest of summer (if this applies to you) and have fun in the sun! Pssst…in case you didn’t know, the CEO of IGC, Liv Chapman, is a Leo and she will be celebrating her birthday in August. She EMBODIES who a true Leo queen is at heart–hard-working, supportive, creative, passionate, and always willing to help others to make our lives better!

Lion’s Gate Portal, Aug 8

This is the most powerful time of the year in the spiritual world when a portal of manifestation will occur. This is a great day for you to call in what you want to manifest and invite into your life. Is it abundance? More opportunities? A relationship? Here is a suggestion: write down a list of 10 things you want to achieve/manifest in the next year or two years. And these are goals that you are ABSOLUTELY going to take action on. We still have Leo’s energy to work with this month. The fire and passion within you will be lit up, and you are ready to get to work.

Mercury Retrograde in Virgo, Aug 23-Sept 14

Just when you thought we were done with Mercury Retrograde…NOPE! He’s BACK! He’s like that annoying ex that won’t go away, which is funny for some of you, since this may happen during Mercury RX. I kid, I kid. Sorry while we can’t get rid of Mercury Retrograde, embrace the chaos and actually DO THE WORK. Mercury is at home in Virgo, so expect to have to be as detailed as possible with your conversations, working with tech (phone calls, texts, social media posts), and checking everything, and I mean EVERYTHING twice. That includes travel plans, emails free of typos, and reservations. Review contracts, partnership agreements, and anything pertaining to your business, your relationships, your job, life, and health.


Full Moon in Aquarius, Aug 1 

The full moon in Aquarius is a full moon that wants us to level TF up, and transform. Aquarius is known to be truly independent, and unique, and loves to help others. During the week of this full moon, we may feel encouraged to embrace our unique qualities and express our true authentic selves. If you’re feeling called to make a change in your life that feels scary, this is your invitation to let go of what holds you back. Aquarian energy also values freedom and independence. This can signify great change, or even something minor as giving up people-pleasing habits, an old version of yourself, or starting a new habit. Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end. Find the balance between old and new, and allow for the new badass version of yourself to show up!

New Moon in Leo, Aug 16

As we all know, or if you don’t know by now, this astrologer extraordinaire will tell you again–all New Moons represent the beginning of a lunar cycle and are considered a crucial time for setting intentions and starting fresh. This is also known as the magical practice of MANIFESTING! Leo is ruled by the Sun and is associated with creativity, self-expression, feeling confident AF, and quite passionate. When the New Moon occurs in Leo, these qualities are intensified and may influence our lives and emotions in specific ways. Leo is a sign associated with romance and love. During this time, you may feel called to write or tap into your creative side, embrace it! Manifest the time to be more creative. Or set up your own circle to set intentions with your friends or other people in a group setting.

Full Moon in Pisces, Aug 31

We will experience a Full Moon in the mystical, mysterious, and intuitive sign that is Pisces! This is our second full moon of the month. So, if you didn’t get to release anything (shame on you, JK no judgment here), you get another opportunity to do so. Use this dreamy energy to envision your goals that you want to create. This is also a great time to cultivate a deeper connection to your spirituality and higher self. This will be a time of emotional depth, heightened intuition, and clarity on your emotions. I would also bet on some of us having WILD dreams during this time. Pay attention to that. Journal what you experience. I almost envision this being a spiritual transcendence for some of us who want to deepen that connection. Maybe another spiritual awakening for some (which is not all rainbows and unicorns, Instagram is lying to you). Be aware of any energy that may feel mystical and that could be from another dimension. If you need help interpreting this, reach out to your cosmic consultant for help! 

Virgo Season Is On the Way!

Usually when Virgo season pops up or is around the corner is when the kids and teachers go back to school. SUMMERTIME IS OVER! Back to reality. Now get ready to work. On August 23, the sun moves into Virgo. The devil’s in the details for you Virgos and it is time for you to tap into your earthy side. With the Virgo energy in the air, you may be more inspired to work harder on your goals, your business, your work, or what you’re manifesting. Expect your type-A personality to fully emerge. Perhaps you’re very particular about how you garden, paint, decorate your house, or your preferred working style. Whatever you do, make sure the focus makes you happy. And if you want to invest in yourself, now is the time to do so!



August Glowscope for Aries: You may feel a great shift happening within your life during this month. This is nothing to fear, my friends. It could be as simple as you and a friend don’t hang out together anymore. Or you’re giving up an old habit. Perhaps you’re leaving behind an old job. This is meant to bring you back home to who you truly are. You may feel like “Cosmos/God/Universe, WTF why are you doing this to me?!” but in actuality, this is meant to make you stronger. This is your chance to surrender to the unknown and see what the universe has in store for you. Around the 5th and 6th, you can take the time to process your emotions and decide what’s next for you.




August Glowscope for Taurus: This month you’re feeling really good about yourself. You have high vibes, you’re enjoying life. In August, you could be cultivating a deeper connection with your spirituality. Keep those vibes up. Taurus, you love to be one with the earth and feel super grounded, take the time this month to meditate and envision yourself in your happy place. This is also telling you that it is always safe to come back to yourself whenever you can. Connect with yourself regularly this month, and give yourself some TLC (and you can actually blast some TLC). From the 7th to the 9th, take great care of yourself. Go for a hike, meet with your 1:1 coach, or write in your journal.



August Glowscope for Gemini: Have you answered the calling of your soul yet? That might be a loaded question..haha. Many of us haven’t yet, but that is okay! Gemini, this month, get clear on your desires. Write out your goals. Share your desires and dreams with a close friend, coach, therapist, or healer. Now is the time to tap into your inner strength, find your tribe, and get down to it. Gemini, you love to surround yourself with your girl gang and be in a community with others working toward the same common goal. Around the 10th and 11th you may get the fuel to take inspired action. If you’re ready to step into your leader role fully, get on the waitlist now. 




August Glowscope for Cancer: Take a moment to embrace the power of the pause. You are not in alignment with saying yes or no to something at this moment. And that’s okay! This could be saying yes to a new job, partnership, romantic relationship, taking a trip, or anything deeper or more simple than this. Whatever the circumstances may be, retreat from your usual surroundings and make a plan for what it is that you want. Remember, timing is everything and it has to feel good and land well with you. Remove any unnecessary commitments, habits, or tasks that you don’t want to do, and if possible, delegate them to someone else. Ask for help! It is okay to ask others for support during this time, and when you’re ready, dive in!



August Glowscope for Leo:  A lot of the energy of this last month and until August has been about you. However, take note that this month you could be tested on who you hang out with. You show your true self to certain people will come to light. You are not for everyone, AND you may be called to spend more time with people who encourage you to be yourself! If you’re extra, show that to people, LOL. Flowers don’t open and close to whoever just passes by. The new moon in your sign around the 16th will be a new beginning for you. Make a list of which people you want to spend more time with in your life, and who you want to see less off. I recently did a “friend audit” and it was life-changing! This could be something that you do, too. You may also feel called to step into more of an abundance mindset and improve yourself even more!


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August Glowscope for Virgo: Virgos, for you since the collective energy will be focused on your sign the second half of August through September, it will be important for you to nurture the relationship with yourself during this time. The busy schedules will resume. While the kids and teachers are heading back to school in the near future, get grounded in nature when possible. Go for a hike, walk along the beach (while you still can), and get some Vitamin D. Dress in comfy clothes, and make sure you feel super grounded and connected to Earth. Yoga is a great suggestion for you Virgos to center yourselves, too.



August Glowscope for Libra: With Venus in Retrograde from July 22-Sept 4, (see last month’s Glowscopes) and your sign is all about relationships, you may have some healing to do. This will be associated with your connections with other people. Think of it this way, your interactions with people; clients, friends, family, partners, coworkers, business partners–they’re always mirroring for you what you need to heal in yourself. If someone is testing your boundaries, you may have to get clear on WTF you may need boundaries around. And this is OK! We all need to take a closer look at the physical and metaphorical mirror every so often. That is the beautiful journey of our personal development. Ideally, a great time for you to do some inner work will be around Aug 19-21st, go within, and figure it out.


april glowscopes
april glowscopes


August Glowscope for Scorpio: You are deep, sensitive, and private AF. This month’s theme for you is private rediscovery. It is time for you to find out what you’re looking for in this world. No more hiding from it! Do you want to start a business? Take a course? Receive a new certification? Scorpio, you’re ready to dive into what you’re meant to do in this world. An astrology reading could be a good place to start for you to uncover your cosmic blueprint, seek out your true north, and find your soul’s purpose. An ideal time for you to look into this will be around the 22nd and 23rd, you may get lucky with what you discover about yourself!



August Glowscope for Sagittarius: Sag, you’re all about action, adventure, and getting to the next thing. This month for you, you are receiving an energetic upgrade! And how do you do that? Travel! It could be that you do an intense meditation that you travel to another dimension, travel into your heart and mind, or a quick drive to the nearest park, hiking trail, or a place with beautiful scenery.


april glowscopes
april glowscopes


August Glowscope for Capricorn: This month, you are destined to trust yourself more! How can you do that? By working for it, of course. Capricorn, you are one of the hardest working of all the zodiac signs. Stop overthinking what you truly desire. Chances are, you’re closer than you think. You don’t need permission, you don’t need validation from anyone other than yourself. This may become clearer to you around the 27th of this month. You know you want to get on the waiting list for this upcoming course so you can sell from your soul. So what’s stopping you? GO AND DO IT! This is your sign!



August Glowscope for Aquarius: For you this month, make some time for fun and playfulness! Have fun by the pool with your besties. Or if that’s not your thing, because we know with you Aquarians the weirder the better. Go see the Barbie movie or some other movie that interests you. Go to the zoo, aquarium, or if you have the time, go to Disney World! You have permission this month to relax from working hard to advocate for yourself and what you believe in. A lucky date for you to take off and have fun is around the 1st or 2nd, or you can wait until the end of the month around the 29th to take advantage of entertainment. You can also binge-listen to a cool podcast on your days off!


april glowscopes
april glowscopes


August Glowscope for Pisces: You are the most spiritually aligned of the astrological signs, but this month there might be something in your spiritual practice that is no longer aligned with you. What is missing? Do you need more of a solid morning routine? Besides having your cup of coffee in your cool mug to start off your day, what do you need more of? Grounding, meditation, journaling, affirmation cards? Pick one that best serves you. It’s also okay to switch things up once in a while. Go with the flow and try something new! Whether that’s a bedtime meditation, bath, or nighttime yoga, try out something that soothes your soul and your mind.


Stay tuned for the September 2023 Glowscopes!