Feel like the social life is getting a little too expensive?

If trying to keep up with your friends is causing you to consider forgoing your other priorities — like saving to start your dream business or putting a down payment on your dream house — then it’s time to slow down and evaluate who you’re spending your time with.

Your true friends will understand your need to turn down a couple social events to save for your bigger goals. So be honest and be clear!

Another sign they’re too expensive is if you find yourself worrying about keeping up rather than enjoying your time with them.


Notice the focus of the conversation when you’re with them. If it’s all about what they bought and where they bought it, maybe there are some things you should reassess.

Lastly, how do you feel after you hang out with them? Do you feel fulfilled or do you feel less than? This is a great indicator of if your friends are too into the material world.

It’s okay to be a material girl– as long as you’re not completely living in a material world.

There are ways to hang out without breaking the bank!

Have a friend over to hang and cook some dinner at home or go to a workout class and grab an appetizer somewhere afterwards!

It doesn’t always have to be big fancy dinners and you should never feel the pressure to keep buying certain things to “keep up.”

What are some ways you hang out with friends without spending money?

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