Wondering if you were born to be a life coach?

If you’re asking yourself that, then you probably were. It’s time to explore the option!

“Should I become a life coach?”

We get asked that question from women all the time.

CEO Katie DePaola says if you find yourself asking that, then it’s probably part of what’s next for you.

One of Katie’s clients knew from an early age that she wanted to be a therapist. Now she is one.

The thing about the life coaching industry is that it didn’t yet exist or was just getting started when you were young. So you didn’t even know that was an option for you growing up.

Think back to what you wanted to be when you were younger. Maybe it was a doctor, or a therapist, or an actress or a firefighter.

What do all of those careers have in common?

They all help people and are all so needed in society.

If you’re reading this right now, you probably loved the idea of becoming whatever it was you wanted to be when you grew up, but as you got older it felt like there was still something missing.

“How can I help people and change the world while living on my own terms and make an incredible income?” Become a life coach.

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“What makes someone a natural life coach?”

All of your friends come to you for advice all the time.

You are the go-to friend when someone needs help making a decision around their job, relationship, family matters or something personal.

You’re starting to feel like you could actually charge people for all the help you give them. Time is money!

But really, if you are the go-to friend for advice, chances are you are a natural life coach.

“How do I know I’m ready for this career?”

You are reading this article, aren’t you?

But in all seriousness– when you know, you know.

You may be finding clues along the way.

You’re noticing you really like health and wellness. You love personal growth and self help books. Maybe you love talking to people and helping them solve their problems.

Perhaps you’re seeing more people talk about what’s got them feeling down more than usual and you are feeling called to jump in and help. You feel strongly that you can guide them back to place of alignment.

If all of this rings true for you, then you’re most likely ready to become a life coach.

Actually, you kind of already are. You just need the proper training to master your skills and get certified.

What’s your next step?

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How To Make Money Doing What You Love Free Training

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