Earlier this summer, Liv and I started having deep and meaningful conversations about what’s next for IGC, and for us.

I started Inner Glow Circle as an experiment. That experiment grew and grew to become the booming business it is today… a school that has trained nearly 600 women, self-funded over $150K in scholarships and continues to provide more and more women with jobs, education and community every year.

IGC was founded in 2015 to give women a place to find their purpose and get paid to live it, while also working for themselves, but not by themselves. It was truly a place where women could chase their dreams side by side, supporting each other along the way. Year over year, we’ve seen best friendships bud, business partnerships blossom and life-changing coach and client relationships flourish.

Liv and I were the early examples of all of the above. We started working together two years prior to IGC, in 2013, with me as her coach and her as my client. As I saw her start to soar, I asked if she’d come work with me at IGC. She said yes and graciously joined me as a Coach, then Director of Coach Training and later as our Co-Founder and COO.

2021 marks IGC’s seventh year in business… as well as this exciting moment in time where I get to pass the torch of leadership to Liv Chapman. 

Liv is a fearless leader with an enormous heart. She is the most loyal person I know, with the courage and confidence of a Leo sun and the charming, diplomatic and clear-thinking qualities of a Libra moon. She is a mom of two boys and a woman who is constantly on the move, always raising the bar for herself and everyone around her.

This is a rare and exciting opportunity for IGC, and we have already begun our transition. In July, Liv began to phase into her new role as CEO, behind the scenes first. Now, we are delighted to share this news with you as Liv steps front and center into her new role.

Liv brings an M.S. in Education and an M.S. in Educational Leadership and Administration to the table, as well as her Professional Coach Certification from the International Coach Federation and nearly a decade of experience as a coach and trainer. Not only do I have faith in Liv’s ability to take over, I know she will take IGC to the next level with her fresh perspective, keen business sense and relentless drive to bring coach training education to women everywhere. 

Since we started IGC in 2015, I have always said my job is to listen to IGC. She tells me what she needs and when she needs it. 

I’m already impressed with the improvements Liv is putting into place. Since July, we’ve brought on our new Program Manager, Charisma Da’Kira, our new Leaders Rising Training Coordinator, Jaimie Johnson, and three incredible Admissions Advisors: Kaleah Jones, Samantha Synett and Jaime Miller. IGC has been needing a fresh perspective to help scratch her seven-year itch, and I am so proud of the team we continue to create.

You may start to notice more of Liv and less of me, but day to day, you won’t see much of a change. I’ll continue working closely with Liv as an owner, mentor and advisor to make sure she and our team have everything they need to succeed. 

So although nothing is really changing, things are shifting and we’re all thrilled.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to be able to take a step back, while knowing that IGC is in the most trusted hands, and I’m filled with excitement as I watch Liv and our incredible team members step up into the roles that are meant for them. 

In addition to supporting IGC as we continue to make our mark on the coaching industry, I’ll keep speaking out about mental health, raising awareness about Lyme disease and spreading the word about my book, At Least You Look Good: Learning to Glow Through What You Go Through. If you have any questions at all, I’m here! Please reach out and say hello. 

The most important decision I’ve made in my life is to build a team around me who I could trust, so that I’m always prepared… whether challenge or opportunity come my way. 

As you continue to build your life and glow through what you go through, I encourage you to do the same.

Keep glowing,