If you’re still waiting on the sidelines to step into an allyship or activist role as a business owner… if you’re still wondering if you need to do antiracism work– this invitation is for you. 

There are more ways than ever to get started, but choosing to avoid the conversation is not acceptable– it’s harmful. Choosing to sit on the sidelines will not move you, your company, your clients or the world further. If you are in a position to do something and choose to do nothing, what you’re actually doing is perpetuating the problem. 

I used to be SO SURE that there was not much for me to do in this space. I grew up with a lot of diversity in my neighborhood, school and church. I fought for educational equity, went to protests, got involved with community activism efforts, I thought I already “did everything I could” to make a difference and to show up. I have black friends and family members, a black ex partner/co-parent and two black children. My best friend to this day is a woman of color. I could go on and on about it– but the fact is… I am white. 

Biases, harmful belief systems, micro-aggressive language WAS part of my upbringing. Yes, I was raised in a home that valued equality and acceptance but there were STILL harmful remarks made and prejudices ingrained in my subconscious and conscious mind that I am still working to rewrite. 

And, experiencing privilege because of the color of my skin is real. 

This does not mean my life and experiences were easy, BUT none of it had to do with the color of my skin. None. 

There is always more work to do to break down and rebuild the pieces of ourselves that DO NOT work if we truly want to see change and equality. If we actually want to evolve as a society we *must* start going deeper. 

If you don’t know where to start– start here: innerglowcircle.com/activism

This training, led by VP Wright (@thevpwright), who is an absolute fountain of knowledge on this work. This is the first step you can take and at minimum, the investment is $1 and 2 hours of your time. I would recommend revisiting it often and digging deeper into the workbook. Be honest with yourself and this work. It really does start in the privacy of your own home, watching the training and completing the workbook. No one even has to see this part of your process, except you. Please– just start this work and see what comes to the surface. I guarantee it will activate you– and then, we’ll go from there. 


xoxo, Liv