It’s time to find your purpose, live it and get paid.

IGC Coaching School is the 1st Internationally Accredited Life Coach Certification Program for women, by women. In addition to offering both ICF Level I and Level II  Life Coach Certification courses, IGC also offers a variety of learning experiences for women who want to make their first (or next!) six figures working for themselves, not by themselves.

The cherry on top? Just like you, we’re 100% legit. As a partner of the International Coach Federation (ICF), we give you everything you need to start a money making business you’re obsessed with, get certified and create a life that gets you glowing.

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All Katie DePaola ever wanted was to find her purpose, live it and get paid. Living in New York City seemed like the big dream, but after years of working one office job after another, she found herself crying in the office bathroom, feeling hopeless and facing a major wake up call…

“This can’t be my whole life. Wake up. Go to work. Hit the gym. Repeat.”

Inspired by her upbringing in a family business, she set out to start her own. Katie started coaching, teaching online courses and leading monthly events, reaching hundreds of women. She couldn’t believe how often she heard…

This was the spark that set Katie’s world on fire.

Women were craving a shared space where they could be themselves. If she wanted to reach women across the world, she needed to expand her business to the next level.

You aren’t meant to work a job you hate, and you definitely aren’t meant to work alone. Teaching women (like you!) how to work for themselves, but not by themselves became Katie’s new goal. Watch this video to learn why Katie decided to start Inner Glow Circle.

Katie wrote the initial plans for Inner Glow Circle on a tablecloth at a restaurant. The following week, she interviewed 20 graduates of coach training programs. She asked what they loved about their training programs and what they didn’t love.

She decided IGC would have the best of everything — and close the gaps in the industry.

The next thing Katie needed was a team. Most self-help brands were led by solopreneurs. But Katie didn’t just want to build a brand. She wanted to build a legacy. Luckily, she didn’t have to look any further than her own coaching clients.

liv and katie Image

Liv Chapman had been Katie’s client for years. They had the same passion for supporting women, and they spoke the same language. Liv was a teacher, trained coach and could write courses in her sleep.

With a M.S. in Education, Educational Leadership and Administration, Liv felt she wasn’t using her full degree (or her full potential).

She was busy creating an after-school program for teen girls when Katie asked, “how about creating an online school for women?”

And just like that, Inner Glow Circle was born.

Joining the IGC team was a bold move for Liv. She had just left her teaching job and was still learning to “glow her own way.”

But as Liv realized, life isn’t about what you should do.

Life is about what you want to do.

With her education background, Liv stepped in to finalize the company’s curriculums. As the company’s Co-Founder and COO, Liv manages company growth, as well as our program and curriculum development.

In 2017, Inner Glow Circle became a credentialed life and business coach training company with the ICF ( International Coach Federation) coaching certification . We now have an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) program, a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) program and a handful of Continuing Coach Education (CCE) programs.

Katie and Liv say the reason they’ve been able to grow from start up to million dollar business isn’t just because they have magical powers. It’s because everything we do, every decision we make, program we sell and team member we hire, is in alignment with the company’s mission, vision and core values.

There’s no challenge that can’t be turned into an opportunity when we bring it home to what we stand for — and the shared vision of teaching people how to find their purpose, live it and get paid.

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